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Fredericksburg, Texas

About this Website

The primary purpose of this website is to promote our actual gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas and the artists we represent. It is not really intended as a shopping catalog.  The photographic representations of the artists' works are by no means a comprehensive inventory of all their items we currently have for sale.  They serve merely as typical examples of their work in a range of styles.  Our focus is not to sell the artists' works online; we would much rather customers come in to our real brick and mortar gallery.  In our opinions, the Internet is probably not the best place to purchase original art.  There is almost always a vast discrepancy between what a piece of art looks like in a digital photograph and in real life.  This difference is usually for the better but sometimes the piece may turn out to be not quite what you expected.  That being said, if it is impractical for you to make it into Fredericksburg but would still like to own a piece of art similar to one you see on our site, please contact us for information and availability. We will, on request, email you more detailed photos of the artist's work.

About the American Arts and Crafts Directory

During the first few months of the Local Color Gallery opening, walk-in traffic was expectedly a bit slow.  While we were waiting for word of mouth to spread, I (Kurtis) was surfing the Internet looking for new and inexpensive ways to promote the gallery's website.  I was frustrated by the difficulty in finding a concise or coherent structure to any of my search results.  I finally came upon the idea of programming our own arts and crafts directory based on the freely available data in the Open Directory Project.  At first, our directory was only going to include only local Texas sites. But after a little more thought, I decided that would be a little too restrictive. After all, there are arts and crafts sites of interest to Texans all over the country and beyond.  All I had to do was figure out a way to filter out all the other unrelated 'junk' and throw in a few structural and navigational enhancements. Fortunately, I have been a computer "geek" since the days of Tandys, Commodores and Ataris (remember those?), so the programming wasn't particularly challenging.  Currently there are several thousand arts and crafts related topics and counting.  I am still working, as time permits, to make this the best arts and crafts directory in the country and welcome any suggestions you might have to improving it.

How does the directory promote the gallery and the artists it represents? 

First of all, each one of the directory's thousands of pages is another doorway into our main site.  The more distinct pages a site contains, the better the search engine saturation.  Even those people looking for relatively obscure phrases or keywords are more likely to stumble on to our site.  Second, once people see what a useful resource we have here, I believe they will be more likely to return again and again.  This keeps Local Color in their minds to some degree.  Hopefully, when they are ready to buy an original piece of art, they will think of Local Color first.  Third, the more generally useful a website is, the more likely other webmasters will be to link to it.  This is the Internet equivalent of 'word of mouth' which is the best form of advertising money can't buy. 

About The Popunders

We use a form of advertisement on this site called 'popunders' which you will only see if you have popups enabled. We don't get any money for these.  They are a simple another means of promoting this site.   For every popunder we show for another party on our site, they show a popunder for us on theirs.  Let me emphasize these windows are supposed to pop UNDER so as not to interfere with your browsing experience.  If windows are appearing on top of the pages you are viewing, the other party is probably cheating and should be reported immediately.

If you find these popunders annoying, you can temporarily switch them off for this domain  by clicking "[off]" on the top right-hand corner of this page. Clicking this link will also take you to a page where you can download some free software from Alexa (an amazon.com company) to turn all popups of indefinitely.

Other Forms of Advertisement

We display other forms of advertisement such as the word ads you can see on the right. For these ads we do receive monetary credit.  However, we advertise on most of the same advertising services we display. Every cent we make on advertisement goes right back into the promotion of our gallery and its artists.

Technical Stuff

This site is designed and optimized for Microsoft Windows XP using Internet Explorer 6.0 at a monitor resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.  For full functionality, it is best viewed with JavaScript and popups turned on and a security setting of moderate or below.  It has been summarily tested with Netscape Navigator 7.1, AOL 9.0 and Opera 7.03 and everything seems to work OK. If you experience any problems or 'weirdness' on  your system, please let us know.

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