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Fredericksburg, Texas

Sandi Sabel

Paper Castings

The Texas Hill Country provides the inspiration for Sandi's art.  Hugh and Sandi's property is farmed organically; the uncultivated areas are planted with natural grasses and wildflowers.  Sandi is conscious of the importance the overall balance of nature in supplying her with artistic subject matter.  Her senses are enhanced by the array of wildflowers, native plants and wildlife surrounding her.  Sandi's paper castings are as delicate as they are creative.  Each piece is individually created.  Clay moulds are carved in the negative.  After firing the moulds in a kiln, she makes the paper pulp used in the casting process.  The paper castings are then tinted with watercolor.  Each casting is a rendition of nature as seen through Sandi's eyes and paintbrush.  When not occupied with her artwork, Sandi and her husband are busy with their organic gardens and creating recipes for the canned foods marketed at the Farmer's Markets they attend.

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The photographs shown here are by no means a comprehensive inventory of the works we currently have for sale by this artist. They are meant merely as a representative cross-section of this artist's creations. Also, not all pieces shown here are necessarily still available. Each piece is an original one-of-a-kind artwork. Once it is sold, it is gone for good. If you are interested in more information about this particular artist and the works we currently have available, please Contact Us.

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Sandi Sabel, Fredericksburg, Texas - Paper Castings