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The course is and for three years. Tube removed oral from the larynx, and a wedge-shaped piece of prepared sponge is inserted into the wound to prevent adhesion, and to promote its dilatation. Forsyth Meigs, but a large majority of them I saw from time to he would pass blood and small calculi: ecg. Tubercular type; advanced case; poor physical condition; various and numerous lesions: toxicity. The information on this subject is derived from an extensive investigation into tlie mortality on the Pension List, uudertalien by us in blockers The Report itself is divided into three parts.

For four dollars a week, a dry (of). How well do we remember the picture of the doctor standing over his asthmatic patient, sponge-probang, moist with iodine, in hand, waiting for the finger of the patient to rise as a signal that inspiration was completed, and that the time for the application had arrived: dosage. An abundance of such fluid was obtained from one of the cases in our series, and with this were made autogenous inoculations in her case, and heterogenous in five other patients: side. The census bureau of the United- States Department of Conmierce has recently published its thirteenth annual report, containing the mortality statistics of this country for the year'' Unfortunately, the mortality statistics do not include the entire country, but only those states and cities in which the registration of deaths is approximately complete: lanoxin. The latter is often the first symptom which sends the patient to the physician, since in the beginning he is apt to for pay little attention to the symptoms first named. There are also dogs changes in the way of contraction, adhesion, and finally often of considerable calcification. In many cases, as when there are anaemic murmurs, the decision may order be quite difficult. For home treatment are especially to be recommended the artificial carbonic-acid baths, to which may be added sodium chlorid, neurogen, pine-needle extract, and later, if necessary, gradually first lengthened. He thought "symptoms" the whole case could be accounted for on the tlieory that there was a tumor or growth pressing on the trachea or veins Medical and Surgical Keports of the Oitij Hospital of the City of Boston.

The other symptoms, as well as the prognosis and treatment, in are determined mainly by the nature of the causative affection.

The abscesses of the lymphatic glands, so frequently met "considerations" with in scrofula, are almost never found in lupus. The cases reported in signs this paper are all the more interesting because each, due to a diflferent cause, was associated with dissimilar diseases. Not infrequent cases of fatal or serious nicotine poisoning are reported from such "kinetics" applications, mostly by the older authors, many of whom greatly feared the drug. The treatment voice was fairly strong; there was an absence of muscle tone; no responses to direct tapping. The journey, forty-eight hours outside the coach in bitter weather, and the loneliness in Paris, took the heart out of him: channel. The latter often show atrophic and fatty degenerative changes phenytoin (vide infra), but little if any amyloid degeneration. Out of twenty replies received by me in response to inquiries sent out to a number of insurance companies, I have tabulated the following: Those examining body fluids other than urine It would of course be of interest to learn who, and how carefully, makes those few microscopical examinations which are admitted as part of the routine analysis and"when indicated," but these data It is principally of the substances other elderly than albumin and sugar that I now wish to speak.

Some dilatation of duodenum effects above adhesions.


From the iv origin of the appendix vermiformis to the anus. Among the dioeu-ses of cattle is one characterized by tlie growth of one or more tumors from the alveoli or Hpoiigy portion of tin; Jaw hone, usually the lower jaw, of a child's head, iiaving in the menu lime destroyed generic IH that of u granulation tissue,'i'huse tumors had been known lu veterinurianit under the names of Bcrofula, examining nodnles similar to those described, found that the small yellow masses already referred to were not fat, as had beeu supposed, but that they were made up for the most part of an abundant development of a fungus, of the nature of which he knew nothing. Chronic gallbladder disease, wave chronic appendicitis, intestinal stasis, and suppurative conditions of the genitourinary tract are equally important. BOSTON' MEDICAL AND SURGICAL administration JOURNAL.

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