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  • The Civil War Bullet - Forum for sharing and discussion between collectors of civil war ammuntion, bullets, cartridges, and relics.
  • The Lincoln Forum - A national organization chartered to enhance the understanding and preserve the memory of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. Annual symposium with original talks by nationally known scholars on the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.
  • Northern Virginia Relic Hunters Association - Organized to promote the study and preservation of American history through the location, identification and preservation of military and related historical artifacts.
  • The Rail Splitter - National organization of collectors, dealers and scholars interested in Lincoln and the material culture of the period. Quarterly journal, host Lincoln and Civil War auctions, sponsor exhibits and tours, and help buy, sell, and appraise historical Americana.
  • Universal Autograph Collectors Club - Complete information for anyone interested in collecting autographs of famous personalities. Autographs have been called "frozen moments in time" by some people. Probably the most personal thing that one person can give is his or her signature.

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Organizations, US Civil War, Antiques, Recreation, Arts and Crafts Directory