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  • Busts of Famous Freethinkers - Busts and "famous quotations" plaques series of Thomas Paine, Robert G. Ingersoll, and Voltaire.
  • Friend Business Women - Angels created especially for the non-profit "Friend, NE Business Women Group. Group donates and funds local projects involving community members. The original handcrafted angel is made of clay and limited to 100 numbered issues.
  • My Spiritual Flock - Collectibles stuffed lambs representing 12 spiritual traits. With stories, news and the background inspiration behind the series.
  • Sacred Art Gallery - Has a good offering of carved and polychrome wood sculpture including Spanish Colonial and European. Museum quality Russian and Greek icons. Fine Old Master oil on canvas paintings. Silver, gold and bronze ecclesiastical including chalices and monstrances, crucifixes and other altar items.

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