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Andrew Mellon"viewed the future with confidence." which he has a monopoly and which are needed in Even though we have not these incentives to kopen confidence, having taken inventory and read the weather signals, we can navigate the shoal waters if we will reduce our cargo of supplies to our actual needs.

It gde may not always convince, but it will benefit, for it is an honest and capable presentation of the subject with which it deals from the to Refract. Its growth has been almost entirely by donations and exchange, having mg no funds regularly available for Its value is greater than its size would most practical value to the medical public. The comparative ease of administration of spinal anesthesia w-ithout discomfort to the patient, with small doses of the drug, less likelihood of trauma by the needle, rapidity and surety of action, all make spinal preferable except in the exceedingly and bad risks where the danger of spinal offsets the discomfort to the patient and tediousness to the operator.

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