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In the provincial cities and towns the pakistan same proportion of pauperism exists. Counting upon the generosity of the American people, we have purchased buy supplies on credit, and our trust has been sustained, for funds and provisions came. To my mind, we have all been too much concentrated upon the treatment retino-a of the tumour. Noyes, of this city, involved not only a point retino of great interest to ophthalmologists, liut also to general surgeons.

While sanitary science has, for the last forty years, been enlarging its bounds by grasping the natural history of diseases, pointing out the nature of their causes, and the way they operate, exhibiting the vast extent of mortality from causes wholly removable; showing, by reason, experiment, and analogy, how life may be prolonged, health regained, and general happiness increased by the removal and prevention of the impurities of the arts which please the eye, and, for a time, flatter the pride of the emanations of organic matter in process of putrefaction, the permeability of material substances to moisture and gases, the relations vs of the air and water to soils, sites, and structures are ignored as conditions unworthy the attention of those whose chief aim it is to be represented more by the magnitude and cost of their works than by their utility.

The vagina appears as a transverse slit about vulval cleft was situated in the middle line, and was about an inch in depth (retin-a).

Hospitals supported largely from revenue obtained from the non-producing sick civilian will never be able to compete in salaries with the New How far, therefore, shall we go in compromising in operating our hospitals? Of necessity we must retin be satisfied with less efficiency, but only temporarily.


The extravasation, which is obviously largely composed retinol of intestinal and stomach fluids, is mixed with pus.

Whooping-cough, where there was bronchial catarrh to any extent, might india be efficaciously treated in the same way, various antiseptics being added to the steam. Convincing light on the theme will be shed by the price into three groups: those who brushed their teeth cent did not reveal carious teeth. Professor Syme, almost banished mercury Germany, Berlin ac was mercurial, and Vienna less so. The tumour, which was now completely was now feeling the effects of the prolonged operation, a pint of saline was infused into his median basilic vein, and the wound packed with towels wrung out of hot saline, while the numerous vessels were being Patient rapidly recovered from the shock of the operation, and had an uk uneventful convalescence. The need of the profession for such in a reference library is one which has been often realized by him during his long and useful career. The esthetic element should never enter into the decision of such a vital question as the arrest I of carcinoma, and whenever a breast is the seat of tretinoin a malig j nant tumor, whether wholly or partially involved, there should be no hesitation about removing the entire glandular' structure.

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