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Re: Revelation and Answer to Incan Warrior
... its knowledge and great advancement in the arts and sciences ... when the Israelites
came out of Egypt they had ... Lord revealed Himself to men in ancient days, and ... - Oct 13, 2004 by Art Bulla - View Thread (6 articles)

Roman Bracelet in the Shape of a Snake
... The best parallels for this piece come from Egypt, where one can find similar ... are
the closest in resemblance, see: A Passion for Antiquities: Ancient Art from ...
rec.antiques.marketplace - Oct 13, 2004 by Aboutaam - View Thread (1 article)

Re: H. Beam Piper vs. Eric Flint
... Longer than the Empires in Egypt or China? I think that ancient Egypt does not
deserve its impressive reputation for longevity, as a political entity. ...
rec.arts.sf.written - Oct 13, 2004 by Christopher J. Henrich - View Thread (376 articles)

Re: Bali revival defies doomsayers
... and verdant rice paddies, plus a unique ancient Hindu culture that ... it took 10 years
for Egypt's tourism numbers ... of the 1930s who admired Bali's arts and culture ...
soc.culture.thai - Oct 12, 2004 by Amin - View Thread (3 articles)

... In ancient days we see him carrying on his ... an aversion to agricultural work, industrial
labor and crafts. ... the Babylonian Captivity in Syria, Egypt and Babylon ...
alt.politics - Oct 12, 2004 by Topaz - View Thread (4 articles)

Athens News Agency: Daily News Bulletin in English, 04-10-11
... and China - are countries with ancient civilizations. ... the hopes, expectations and
vision of Egypt's Hellenism," Christodoulos ... out by private liberal arts schools ...
bit.listserv.hellas - Oct 12, 2004 by HR-Net News Distribution Manager - View Thread (1 article)

Re: Mt. St. Helen's, HAARP, and the Vril Society [meteor ...
... the greater part of his inheritance in the pursuit of the magic arts, and in ... in the
catacombs under Rome and Paris and in the pyramids of ancient Egypt and in ...
sci.geo.earthquakes - Oct 12, 2004 by Vaj Ina Valley - View Thread (20 articles)

16.8 Saddam Hussein and the Bush Family: Green Dragon Zen !!
... Zen, Bushido and the Japanese Martial Arts up to ... throughout the Arab world including
Young Egypt, led by ... They are ancient co-conspirators in evil: the Bush ...
alt.zen - Oct 12, 2004 by Disannulling Zen Stories - View Thread (1 article)

Definitions For Prospective Wiccan Novices (Part Five of Five ...
... a recognized individual contribution to the human knowledge, arts and/or ... of Darkness,
given to the Prince of Darkness in ancient (pre-dynastic) Egypt. ...
alt.magick.tyagi - Oct 12, 2004 by Richard Ballard - View Thread (7 articles)

Re: -- [HTML] The Mythical Jesus & the 'Family First Political ...
... the demonic 'root' of magic or the divinatory arts, [Acts 19 ... The secret of the host
of Egypt and the host of Israel ... The secret of the ancient spirit Ruoch Qediem ...
alt.politics.homosexuality - Oct 12, 2004 by John H O'Ward - View Thread (3 articles)

... India, Greece, Rome, and, before them, the ancient civilizations of ... governments—first
in Turkey, then in Egypt and Iran ... to the West to study the arts of war ...
alt.religion.islam - Oct 11, 2004 by badmood - View Thread (1 article)

FA: 20,000 Years of Fashion Book in DJ, F. Boucher, Exc.
... The book is divided into sections of prehistory, the ancient civilizations of the
Near East, Egypt, Crete, Greece and Rome, and finally the Western nations as ...
rec.antiques.marketplace - Oct 11, 2004 by fishnet - View Thread (1 article)

Re: A HUGE Republic!
... wit, not only by a love for the fine arts, but much ... of Ceres at Eleusis, of Isis in
Egypt, of Minerva ... which concealed many vestiges of the ancient religion of ...
uk.politics.misc - Oct 11, 2004 by Dr. Sunil - View Thread (13 articles)

Re: Jesus isn't really a literal son, is it?
... of Life Wales Doon Buidhe [goddess] Arts Dornoll [goddess ... Greek Chloris[goddess] Greek
Chonso Egypt Chou Wang ... Doris[goddess] Greek Dragon Ancient Dragoni Russia ...
alt.religion.christian - Oct 10, 2004 by bob young - View Thread (171 articles)

Re: Why superheroes MUST defend the status quo
... For some periods in Ancient Egypt, pharaos were *required* to marry their sister,
as no one else was sufficiently divine to be worthy of being their spouse. ...
rec.arts.comics.dc.universe - Oct 9, 2004 by Tue Sorensen - View Thread (160 articles)

STORY: Punished By The Professor - F/f, BDSM
... then summed up what they had learned about the style of ancient Egypt from the ... available
at Come and See our free drawing galleries
alt.stories.erotic - Oct 9, 2004 by John Simmons - View Thread (3 articles)

Re: The REAL Da Vinci Code?
... Egyptian stone carving and from the shape of the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico. ... and
required an intimate knowledge of no fewer than seventeen ancient and modern ...
rec.arts.books - Oct 9, 2004 by Steve Hayes - View Thread (5 articles)

Colonial cousins -- Goa's forgotten counterpart from the 'North'
... Sopara -- had trade links with ancient Egypt, Phoenicia and ... hard as granite, and of
ancient volcanic origin. ... Photography for this book is, at best, functional ...
soc.culture.indian.goa - Oct 8, 2004 by Frederick Noronha (FN) - View Thread (1 article)

Re: Are all arguments for the nonexistence of God fallacious?
... ... in Him, He worked greater signs,
in Egypt, in connection ... a nation and a religion, that of ancient Judaism. ...
alt.religion.christian.roman-catholic - Oct 8, 2004 by A.Christian - View Thread (128 articles)

alt.romance "FAQ" (part 3 of 3) [posted monthly]
... I want you", denotes sexual desire) Greek (Arhea/Ancient) : Philo se ... including but
not limited to Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan ... in alt.ascii-art or rec.arts.ascii ...
alt.romance - Oct 7, 2004 by Henning Klaskala - View Thread (319 articles)

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