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Re: Why do you like old radio?
Little off the topic but since this is a phono group too, I absolutely fell in love with a Victrola about 6 months ago and am now buying up old acoustic records ... - Oct 12, 2004 by mark french - View Thread (11 articles)

Re: Mike Reaser's Family Tree
... we'd substitute the English, or--if we were feeling particularly silly--French, equivalent, and ... the back of their SUV with gen-u-wine PA Dutch antiques hot off ...
soc.motss - Oct 12, 2004 by Michael Palmer - View Thread (17 articles)

FA: 20,000 Years of Fashion Book in DJ, F. Boucher, Exc.
... The author is Honorary Curator of the Musee Carnavalet, the famous museum of modes and manners in Paris, and Director of the French Center for Costume Studies. ...
rec.antiques.marketplace - Oct 11, 2004 by fishnet - View Thread (1 article)

Re: Horror for October
ok I give up, what is it ?!?! - Oct 11, 2004 by mark french - View Thread (5 articles)

Re: Most 'stretched' old entertainment technology?
From: Robert Casey I used to work at the Smirnoff RCA Lab where this thing was developed.>It had some serious issues that never did get resolved. ... - Oct 11, 2004 by mark french - View Thread (11 articles)

... in too English)), unlike what has already been disseminated in both French & German ... parc archeologique du monde; Rome a la recherché de ses sources antiques. ... - Oct 10, 2004 by Martin G Conde - View Thread (30 articles)

The Peanuts FAQ File
... The WWI Flying Ace -- 10/10/65 A soldier of the French Foreign Legion ... Walt Disney Records, 1933-1988," by R. Michael Murray; published by Antiques Trader Books ...
alt.comics.peanuts - Oct 10, 2004 by Derrick Bang - View Thread (225 articles)

Re: Antiques Roadshow for Opera
... caught on tape then record (including broadcast performances in which the soprano sang in German, the tenor Italian, the middle voices French, and the rest of ... - Oct 9, 2004 by Mike Richter - View Thread (2 articles)

French Dinky Toys 80E, Obusier DE 155 ABS, $149 Canadian
Information and photos: French Dinky Toys. 80E, Obusier DE 155 ABS field gun with articulated wheels. Approx. 6" long. ... - Oct 9, 2004 by toronto - View Thread (17 articles)

Re: Bob, talkin to USA Today
... So there are still us antiques out there. ... I just recently dealt with the French translation of a Vietnamese book that the author had hand written notes in ... - Oct 8, 2004 by Lone Pilgrim - View Thread (22 articles)

Usenet Spam: ¨¬²y ÁÉ°¨ ¤»¦X±m±M·~¤ÀªR¹w´ú
... hk ¨¬²y ÁÉ°¨ ¤»¦X±m±M·~¤ÀªR¹w´ú rec.antiques.marketplace <cjgukn ... y ÁÉ°¨ ¤»¦X±m±M·~¤ÀªR¹w´ú soc.genealogy.french <cjgub5$l56423 ...
sfnet.tietoliikenne.viestinviejat - Oct 8, 2004 by Otto J. Makela - View Thread (1 article)

Re: Goodbye to free entry, hello to the world of Mr Bush
... verb Inflected Form(s): im·posed; im·pos·ing Etymology: Middle French imposer, from ... the proper order for printing 3 : PASS OFF <impose fake antiques on the ...
alt.usage.english - Oct 7, 2004 by Skitt - View Thread (289 articles)

Re: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
(Andrew Gorman) n-on-the-tap>source of air pudding. I can't recommend this movie enough- it's gorgeous and a lot of fun!>Andrew>> Hmm ... - Oct 4, 2004 by mark french - View Thread (9 articles)

AUCTIONS: Rossi Auction Co. Massachusetts (MA) 10/15/04
... October 16 -contents of a gift shop & area Estates UNRESERVED ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES ... machines circa 1950, Erector Set in O/B circa 1955, French bisque doll in ...
rec.collecting - Oct 4, 2004 by Rossi Auction - View Thread (1 article)

Re: OT: Enviro-Wacko "Natural" Digital Clock
That had better be recycled paper! ....Frenchy What's puzzling me is that it's displaying the exact time, to the minute and second ... - Oct 3, 2004 by Terry - View Thread (4 articles)

[FAQ] fr.soc.histoire
... - Un beau site rassemblant des photos de théâtres antiques http://www ... en bonne compagnie) : La ...
fr.usenet.reponses - Oct 2, 2004 by gmoreau - View Thread (55 articles)

Pool & Billiards Frequently Asked Questions
... If you want fancy inlay work, consider Baroque antiques, not cues, unless you are ... The granddaddy in this field is a 176-page book by Coriolis (1835) in French. ... - Oct 1, 2004 by Bob Jewett - View Thread (182 articles)

Re: WTD - Victrola crank escutcheon
thanks!....Frenchy - Sep 30, 2004 by mark french - View Thread (3 articles)

Re: Halloween Havoc Sleazy 3 - Roll Call
... Street, all the way at the end of the Quarter beyond the French Market ... little courtyard hotel with a pool and a hot tub, the rooms are furnished with antiques. ... - Sep 30, 2004 by Becca - View Thread (74 articles)

FA: FRENCH FROLICS #1 1936-Risque Pulp/Rob Leslie Bellum ENDS ...
FRENCH FROLICS #1 1936-Risque Pulp/Rob Leslie Bellum Location: Current Bid: $8.49 Auction Ends ...
rec.antiques.marketplace - Sep 30, 2004 by tmantrask - View Thread (1 article)

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