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FA: 2-Days, WWI German Prussian Pickelhauben Spiked Helmet
... The helmet has its original cockades. The chinstrap is a reproduction. The liner is original and in excellent condition with no torn or missing fingers. ...
rec.antiques.marketplace - Oct 13, 2004 by fishnet - View Thread (1 article)

Re: Antiques Roadshow for Opera
... The CD-ROM I published entitled "From Which We Came" also has the Pagliacci; needless to say, Marston's reproduction is far superior to mine. ... - Oct 9, 2004 by Mike Richter - View Thread (2 articles)

Sell: Antique Reproduction, Wd. furniture, Garden Furniture, ...
Dear Sir/Madam, We are Manufacturer & Exporter of Antiques, Antique Reproduction, Ironware, Wd. furniture, Carved Furniture, Garden ... - Oct 7, 2004 by Priyadarshi Tatwavedy - View Thread (1 article)

Re: Sell: Antique Reproduction, Wd. furniture, Garden Furniture, ...
... accent). I liked "We are Manufacturer...of Antiques. I thought antiques were already, a long time ago. :) -- Blinky ...
24hoursupport.helpdesk - Oct 7, 2004 by Blinky the Shark - View Thread (3 articles)

Re: Newbie considering this Zenith G500
... function). Reproduction manuals may be obtained from Mike Koch. The newest of these will be no less than 53 years old. Accordingly ... - Oct 7, 2004 by Peter Wieck - View Thread (14 articles)

Re: Check out the final sale price on this item
... And not necessarily the most faithful in audio reproduction. Now this same "Crappy" gear is being revered and coveted by many. Do have the wrong gear in mind? ... - Oct 2, 2004 by graham - View Thread (47 articles)

We specialise in canvas oil painting masterpiece reproduction at ...
Please see
rec.arts.fine - Oct 1, 2004 by 3D Chinese Chess - View Thread (4 articles) FAQ, monthly post
... only, including supplies - game documentation (schematics, manuals) - vintage/old stock, reproduction parts - Williams ... Covers antiques and coin-op collectables. ... - Oct 1, 2004 by - View Thread (68 articles)

Re: Ageing new pine doors
... When making reproduction of antiques, you can create an artificial patina by applying a 10-percent solution of nitric acid (available from most chemical-supply ...
uk.d-i-y - Sep 29, 2004 by Philip - View Thread (16 articles)

Re: where are the radio funds when you need them?
... ago). The advertising copy is funny, claiming perfect tonal reproduction and a cabinet that blends with any decor (yikes). There's ... - Sep 28, 2004 by Phil B - View Thread (15 articles)

Re: Sears knock off radios
... maybe they cheapen the effort of having a collection of real antiques - I keep a ... saw the radio, and asked if it was the real thing or a reproduction..... ... - Sep 28, 2004 by Robert Casey - View Thread (13 articles)

Re: The Massacre of Mesopotamian Archaeology
... pleasure anyone could want from a reproduction. Dealers are a slightly different matter because obviously they depend upon a supply of antiques for their ...
alt.archaeology - Sep 27, 2004 by dwelsh46 - View Thread (37 articles)

reproductions of antique items "reproduction antiques" very old (antique) reproductions of other items? "antique reproductions" So ... - Sep 27, 2004 by john blackburn - View Thread (38 articles)

Re: - - - Illinois Governor Vetos Self Defense Bill
... Amendment limits the federal government to regulations concerning only weapons which can be classed as antiques or curiosities ... Informational reproduction of the ...
us.military.national-guard - Sep 21, 2004 by Steve Krulick - View Thread (647 articles)

Re: selling `fake ` items
... - ThePunisher Ebay have a whole category for reproduction antiques where it is prefectly acceptable to sell 'fakes' if you like to call them that. Fiona
uk.people.consumers.ebay - Sep 19, 2004 by Fiona - View Thread (10 articles)

Re: Tube Question
... The 923 was a gas filled photodiode used for sound reproduction in movie projectors and for light sensitive relay applications. Regards, Alan. - Sep 18, 2004 by Alan R. Betz - View Thread (54 articles)

Gendron Antiques Corner TV Wall Unit
Gendron Antiques reproduction (Gendron Antiques is quite well known in Ottawa), originally paid $1700, asking $1000. Measurements ... - Sep 17, 2004 by R H - View Thread (1 article)

Davenport, Divan, Sofa, Couch, Sette & Chicken
... to find what the professional Antiques couldn't or wouldn't, a recipe for Chicken Divan. I don't know if it is an original or just a reproduction, but here it ...
rec.antiques - Sep 15, 2004 by RCLOVELY - View Thread (5 articles)

Manifeste du parti communiste, à lire par les militants
... de rouille, avec leur cortège de conceptions et d'idées antiques et vénérables ... personnelle des produits du travail, indispensable à la reproduction de la ... - Sep 14, 2004 by fff - View Thread (1 article)

Re: Ebay manual looks like from BAMA
... removing scribbles from an original, and adding a few notes doesn't constitute an "original work of authorship" which would make your reproduction a valid ... - Sep 13, 2004 by Phil Nelson - View Thread (18 articles)

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